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Ignore that Writing Advice

Whether or not they want it, without ever having asked for it, writers of any ilk are constantly being bombarded with writing advice. So, whether or not you want it, without ever having asked for it here’s a tip to... Continue Reading →


What the Hell is Going on with Journalism?

Although this Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) article is about journalists missing an opportunity to support fellow reporter CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta from President-elect Donald Trump’s berating, CJR Delacorte Fellow Pete Vernon writes, in part, that “Journalism is a... Continue Reading →

By God, I Love to Swear

Explicit Language in Use. This article began as rebuff to a recently read blog post proselytizing that “serious, legitimate bloggers” should never use swearing in their blogs.In perusing this rebuff, the result was a fascinating journey into the sources and history of English-language swearing, and I am using that adventure to reject what I consider poor, if not necessarily bad advice.

ShitDowntime Kills the Freelancer

Those of you who determine freelancing is the way to go, be warned. When you least expect it, some 'thing', or a chain of disparate things will at some point come together in such a way that you will long... Continue Reading →

A Novel in the Bottom Drawer

While I doubt I’ll ever be the writer they were, I do share a similarity with the likes of Jack London, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Karl Marx, Truman Capote and numerous others. No, I am not dead, at least not yet,... Continue Reading →

Ill-content With Content Mills

First posted here on 2/4/2014   I highly value my work and the time I invest in it. If I didn’t value my work, both in terms of what I charge and as a product, how can I expect clients... Continue Reading →

Bye-bye By-lines

First published here on 18/3/2014 Don't Abuse the Messenger At some point in their career, a journalist will face criticism for their work. It is part of the job. Such criticism may come from within, as seen on ABC Australia’s... Continue Reading →

Why Journalists Are Your Best Choice

First published here on 12/3/2014 Let me open with this: “Journalists are anal-retentive perfectionists who can’t turn off their brains. Try watching a documentary with a reporter… Ask a copy editor what his favorite word misuses are. These are people... Continue Reading →

A Journo’s Reinvigoration

First published here on 1/2/2014 This post has been a long time coming. After all, I never thought I would have to reinvent myself. Thinking about it, I’m not really reinventing myself but rather seeking to reinvigorate what has become,... Continue Reading →

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